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Start your oil  journey today!

I am pumped you are ready to get the oil party started!
You are going to love all the health and wellness benefits that are available to you through these amazing oils and products from doTERRA along with all the love and support from our Sharing is Caring oil community!!!
I am thankful you chose me as your guide on this journey...…
Excited to connect with you more! 


All the perks of joining our oil family:

* Wholesale pricing (25% off retail) for an entire year. You do not have to do the business or order monthly! Of course both are options if that is resonating with your heart! 

* A Welcome goodie package from me with samples of my favorite doTERRA products along with educational material guiding you with how to best use your new oils and products!

* One on one Connection call with me to answer all of your questions and guide you how to get the most out of your doTERRA membership! (I am all about getting the most bang for your buck and sharing those tips/tricks with you too!)

* Access to our VIP Sharing is Caring oil community group where we have a group of like-minded, high energy people who priortize their health and wellnes lifestyle with these natural 'gifts of the earth'! Also has ongoing continuing education, 24/7 oil support, and monthly team exclusive giveaways! 

* Option to join our monthly Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) to earn points back on all purchases. Between 10-30% back on all LRP purchas
es! (Points are redeemable for free oils/products and you can get free shipping!) Plus a free oil with the "product of the month"!
>>>*If you are on monthly ordering when your year comes up there is an annual renewal of only $25 for another year of wholesale pricing as you continue on your wellness journey! (& you get a free Peppermint oil when you renew- value of $27!)​

All starter kits include : 

* The doTERRA Essentials Magazine - with product guide in back

* Your own doTERRA ID to login and shop as you please

* 1 year of Wholesale Access to all products (25% off retail pricing)

* Access to our VIP facebook education group and ongoing continuing education + exclusive team giveaways

* Welcome goodie package with all my favorite samples and information sheets to help you start your oil journey confidently

* Personal support and communication with me to help you incorporate your new oils into your lifestyle as soon as your first box arrives


Check out some of the starter kits below and click on the one you would like to purchase. You can edit any of the shopping carts and if you can’t find something that resonates with you we can chat to decide the best oils and products to start that fits your health needs and budget!

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Aroma Essentials



Aroma Essentials starter package: $155 (115 PV)




+Laluz diffuser


+5ml bottles of : Breathe (respiratory), Peppermint, OnGuard (protective), Adaptiv (calming), Balance (grounding), Wild Orange, Citrus Bloom (springtime), Serenity (restful), Cheer (uplifting) & Northern Escape (woodland)

Babies & Kiddos

Babies & Kiddos starter package: $221 (167 PV)




+Kids collection > 7 rollerballs, carrying case,

info cards, & carabiner toppers


+Kids vitamin/supplement pack > a2z multivitamin, IQ Omega fish oil & PB Assist JR probiotic (watermelon powder)


+Baby Collection > Lotion, Hair/Body wash & Diaper Rash cream

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Mama's Metabolism

Mamas Metabolism starter kit: $179 (150 PV)




+Metapwr Advantage collagen packets


+MetaPWR Satiety gum


+15ml MetaPWR blend, Softgels & beadlets

Healthy Hair


Healthy Hair starter package: $231 (174 PV)




+LLV - Lifelong Vitality Vitamins


+Metapwr Advantage collagen


+Shampoo/Conditioner bars


+Root to tip serum


& leave-in conditioner spray

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